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About Us - Deepak Foods

Established In 1984

A family-owned business by the Shah Brothers established in 1973 under the name of Bhavin’s located in Luton. With a lot of dedication and hard work, we expanded into a second then third store. However, in 1977, we saw an opportunity to serve the growing Asian community on the south side of the river namely Tooting.

In 1984 We Were The Largest Cash And Carry Open To The Public In South London Under The Name Of Deepak Foods Which Was Located On Garrett Lane Alongside The Sister Company Bhavin’s On Upper Tooting Road.

Due to the publics’ new appreciation for travelling, we brought all flavours of the world under one roof. We saw the potential to expand to another location due to the high demand by members of the public. The future was seen to convert Deepak Foods in Garrett Lane into a residential/commercial development site known as Deepak House. Having done this the business was then relocated to its current site in Thornton Heath in 2014.


Being In Business For Over 40 Years, We Have Acquired Knowledge And Understanding That Every Individual And Their Needs Are Different Therefore We Serve Each And Every One With Quality, Price, Variety, And Service.

We have also, with the support of the customers, obtained a strong and loyal base in Thornton Heath to support the local and nearby communities. During the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, we understood that we had to adapt our business model to ensure the safety of our customers and provide a delivery service for those considered to be at high risk. With the high demand of this service, we have now decided to launch our website so that you may sit comfortably at home and browse our shelves.